The Holidays at HollyNorth

Christmas Aisle at HollyNorth Production Supplies

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly blog posts from HollyNorth Production Supplies!

We continue with our normal schedule from:

8:00 am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday

until Tuesday, December 22nd

which will be the last day of the year that we’ll be open

Of course, Emergency service is always available.

HollyNorth will open again on January 4th, 2021 with our regular hours.

Disinfectant Cleaning with The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

HollyNorth continues to stress COVID safety protocols for the safety of both our customers and staff. This includes further safety measures in place including mask requirements for staff and customers, contact tracing efforts, daily staff checks, regular disinfectant cleaning of surfaces both manually and with the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer.

To see how we use the electrostatic sprayer to efficiently clean surfaces, check out the video on our social media pages. The Victory sprayer is available for rental, just give us a call!

Personal Protective Equipment Not Only for Productions

We supply PPE primarily to productions, but you do not need to work for production to purchase them.

Osram AirZing Pro UV-C Lightbulb

Our UV station is amazing for cleaning our rental equipment. The Airzing UV light is available for purchase or for rent – it can be used to clean surfaces, equipment, and small areas of up to 150 square meters at a time. We use a tent and place returning rental equipment in there as part of the cleaning process, which allows us to continue renting out equipment safely.

Osram Airzing Pro 5030

Winter Holiday Season Decor Rentals at HollyNorth

Normally rented for Christmas season TV commercials and TV series in the summer, we carry a large catalog of festive rental props including Ornaments, Christmas lights, Trees, and various other Decorations which we now have set up to decorate the store, but you could rent for your office as well! To add to your own decorations, we also have expendables in stock such as Ice Crystal Spray and Snow Sprays.

Xmas Tree at HollyNorth Store

With the New Year just around the corner, we’re excited to continue sharing what we have planned down the road. Keep following our blog to see what we have in store!

Best wishes for the Holiday Season from the HollyNorth team to all of our customers, friends, and followers!

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