A New Year at HollyNorth

New Tapes Aisle at HollyNorth

New Year and Changes at HollyNorth

It’s a new year and with that came some changes at HollyNorth Production Supplies. After the holiday break, we are ready for the return of productions in the new year. Of course, we’ll be continuing the safety protocols we initiated in 2020. This year, we’ll have some new products, some new faces, and some in-store changes to help provide the production equipment you need as efficiently as possible with minimal contact.  

New Displays in the Showroom HollyNorth Store

We are forging ahead by adding to our lineup of expendables – You may have noticed our tape aisle got an even bigger last year to help us meet the demand of the increased number of productions in town. After being closed for several months, like all the productions, it’s exactly the kind of return we were all hoping for. We have completely new lineups of products coming this year that we’re excited to carry. Expect more on that to follow in future blog posts!

More on Our Online Web Store

With improvements to our website, we’ve also been able to offer a lot more on our online web store, providing an option for those who are out of town or are looking to get their order shipped to them. In this new year, we’ll continue to look at how to improve our website with an expanded rentals section to help provide more information. You can visit our online rentals section now to look at some of the types of rentals we offer, if you don’t see what you are searching for or for detailed information on any rental item, give us a call (604) 299-2000 or send an e-mail to rentals@hollynorth.com, or visit our store! 

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