The Start of Spring

Spring is on the way! We at HollyNorth are looking forward to spring, as the weather outdoors changes and film and tv productions bloom. There are exciting new products coming to HollyNorth later this year but we wanted to share with you, some extra info on some of the great products we have in stock now!

Rosco Marley Mat, available in Black and Grey

A large portion of our orders come from tv production, but Rosco Marley Mats have been a very popular selection amongst individual customers. Ideal for types of dance including tap, jazz, and modern, the Marley Mats are available in both black and grey and are easy to install. Made with professional grade Adagio Tour, it is a popular option for those who want to practice dancing at home.


You can organize a lot of cables, cords, pipes and other bits using Bongo Ties. Made of high-quality, natural materials, Bongo Ties are great for organizing loose cables and keeping things well organized.

It isn’t over yet, so look at our Social Distancing Tape. The tape is durable and can be placed on floors to signal common social distancing protocols, such as staying 6 feet apart. If you have a need to set clear social distancing guidelines, using the brightly coloured social distancing tape is a great way to do so. We have several different messages on the tapes available.

We’re always looking to keep up with supplying what people want and this means making listening to you! We continue updating our product offerings throughout the year, but if you find yourself trying to get something that you can’t find, give us a call. We’ll try and help source it for you!


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