May Newsletter

Foldit Utility Cart

Productions ramp up for the summer months here in Vancouver!

May in the lower mainland is well known for bringing warmer weather, but if you know the lower mainland as Hollywood North, you’d also know it’s an important time in filming. As we head into summer, productions ramp up in Vancouver and we have a few things to share for a new season of filming!

Something Old Something New

Foldit Utility Cart
Foldit Carts and their replacement parts have been more in demand this year with both film crews and garden enthusiasts realizing their practicality.

A product we mentioned last month, the Foldit Carts, along with their replacement parts, has seen a big increase in demand. Whether the warm weather here in BC has raised their demand for gardening reasons or if they’re needed more in film now, it’s clear that customers appreciate the availability of both the full cart, as well as the replacement components, which negate the need to buy another full cart if there’s an issue with a small piece of it.

We also have a new product on our shelves this month that’s in a category of its own. From Cardellini, the Green Laser Pointer Set consists of the Green Laser Pointer, a Stainless Steel Holder, and a Mini Clamp (replaceable with a Skinny Mini Clamp upon request). The laser pointer is much brighter than a red laser pointer, making it great for outdoor use. The clamp and holder can help to attach the laser pointer to different surfaces. 

The Rental Project

Going all the way back to last year, we’ve made a significant effort to build on our web store, leading to increased availability of our products, better product information, and pictures, and easier navigation to find exactly what you’re looking for. As we’ve gotten a lot better at putting our products online, we also wanted to extend this to our Rentals Department. Although we still require a call or visit to officially reserve a rental, you should be able to get more information on what it is you’ll want to book before making a decision.

Snow Machine for Rent

A Silent Storm Snow Machine outputs large quantities of artificial snow made from snow fluid rather than water. Great for filming, especially in the late spring and summer!

Silent Storm Snow Machine HollyNorth Rentals

For this reason, we want our new rental pages to show you what you’re renting will look like, what you need to know about it and what you can use it for. We’re even looking at creating video demonstrations for some of our machine rentals so you can see our most popular machines in action first. Of course, we’re still happy to help answer any questions on rental products that you might have.   

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