This past month at HollyNorth has been a bit different than others.

At the beginning of March, we started a sale on a few of our PPE products. HollyNorth tries to keep the prices of our products low all the time, rather than discounting them temporarily or inflating prices so we can offer a ‘discount’. However, this time around we saw an opportunity to offer a selection of PPE at a discount so for a limited time, they are on sale!

You can check out what we have put on sale by clicking on the banner down below.

Foldit Cart is The Answer

It doesn’t always seem like it if you’re in Vancouver but we’re well into spring now. It’s a new season and it’s a new year for gardeners. We always knew the Foldit Carts are versatile enough to carry around a variety of film materials and we see a lot of Foldits on boat docks but as it turns out they are also great for gardeners. We’re not a garden store by any stretch, but we carry both the carts and replacement parts so you don’t always have to buy a full cart when something breaks. You can then just get what you need. 

Foldit Utility Cart

We also have a new machine in stock!

The FT-100 is a smoke machine that can quickly blanket an enclosed area in thick smoke. With the right smoke fluid, this product is excellent for both film productions and firefighters looking to simulate real smoke – and make a lot of it. The FT-100 is available for rent and for sale. As with buying or renting any fog machine, talk to us about what effect you’re looking for. We’re happy to advise you on which machine and fluid to use. 

FT100 Fog Machine HollyNorth Rentals
The FT100 is specially designed for fire training purposes

Speaking of machines, we’re happy to say we’re in the process of adding a larger portion of our machines and props to view on our website. Our goal is to put our catalog of rental machines and props on the website so you can easily have a look at them anytime. We’ll still require either a call, e-mail, or visit to rent them out, but you can now view a selection of our machines and much more at Rental Equipment.

Although we’re mostly focused on film and television production supplies, it is obvious that a lot of our most popular products are used by more than just the film industry. We always knew items like Dustinmizers and Leatherman are used in a variety of ways, the other applications of things like our Foldit Cart were something we didn’t recognize before. If you have unique ways of using various products from HollyNorth, it would be fun if you would let us know in the comments below!

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