1″ x 10′ 3M 6187R Sew-On High Gloss Vinyl Trim Zig Zag – Fl Yellow


3M HIGH-GLOSS SEW-ON REFLECTIVE VINYL TRIM – 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective High-gloss vinyl trims are ANSI approved for use on traffic and roadworker safety vests, and the narrow widths are ideal for pet collars and leashes.

They enhance the visibility of the wearer at night or in low-light conditions when illuminated by vehicle headlights.

They consist of highly retro-reflective micro prisms formed on a flexible, glossy, UV-stabilized polymeric film.

A flexible vinyl film seals the front and back of the material, encapsulates the micro prisms, and protects the reflective surface from dirt and moisture penetration.

They maintain their reflectivity through repeated launderings and are supple, durable, and are easily wiped clean of oil, coal dust, dirt and grime.

3M micro prismatic vinyl reflective tapes have reflectivity superior to encapsulated lens (glass-bead type) reflective fabric in wet weather, and maintain reflectivity even after 75 wash cycles at 140°F. Much more reflective, supple, and cold-temperature resistant than imports.