1″ x 15′ Reflexite V82 Reflective Tape


We offer Reflexite V82 OEM super bright reflective tape both in US DOT approved tapes for trucks and trailers, and in several other non-DOT colours for general conspicuity markings for vehicles, signs, bollards, etc.
Shown here is V82 – a thin (6-mil), yet tough and durable, resisting physical impacts, abrasion, and corrosion without suffering significant marring and loss of reflectivity.
It has single-layer construction that does not de-laminate with age, weathering, and pressure spraying.

V82 does not require edge-sealing because there are no open cells to be contaminated with dirt and moisture.

It is thin, lightweight, and flexible.

Reflexite® conspicuity markings are equal in brightness to any competition and reflect at angles approaching 90 degrees. DOT regulations require semi-trailers exceeding 10,000 lbs. This tape is also great for construction and horse trailers and RVs.