3/4 CTB Daylight Blue Lighting Gel Filter Sheet


20″x 24″ Sheet


GAM CineFilter 1526 3/4 CTB Daylight Blue Lighting Gel Filter Sheet 20″x24″

CTB (COLOR TEMPERATURE BLUE) CTB filters are designed to increase the color temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin) of a light source. GamColor CTB filters will raise the color temperature of an incandescent light source to match the color temperature of a daylight source such as a strobe or HMI lamps.

Every GamColor has UV inhibitors to help prolong color life. Extensive tests and many years of experience indicate as much as two to three times the color life for most GamColors when compared to competitors’ materials. GamColor deep dyed polyester is the most durable. GAMColor is the ‘product of choice’ if you need long lasting quality.

GamColor, deep dyed polyester color, is a superior color filter medium for use with all types of lights. Because it is deep dyed, the color will not scratch off the surface and is optically clear. The clear polyester base is highly resistant to tears, punctures, cracking and deterioration in high heat applications. The dyes used to produce GamColor are the most stable and heat resistant available. The chemical process ensures that the colors will be clean and clear with excellent transmission and consistency. GamColor quality control includes constant monitoring, from raw material to finished product.

GamColor polyester filters are 2 mils thick.

Converts 3200K Tungsten to 4750K Daylight

Light Loss: 1.3 f-stops

Transmission: 31%


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