3D Pros-Aide Transfers



3D Transfers are perfect for gun shot wounds, stab wounds, lacerations, scars, bites, burns, stitched wounds, scratches, skin conditions, ulcers, and more. The possibilities and applications are almost endless.

3D Transfers have several benefits over more traditional appliances:

  •  Translucent appliance material.
  •  Self adhesive prosthetic.
  •  Very fast and easy to apply.
  •  Edges blend and disappear beautifully.
  •  Coloring and painting is easy.
  •  Transfers accept almost all forms of makeup for coloring.
  •  Appliance edges stay down all day.
  •  They require very little to touch up (if any) during the shoot day or performance.
  •  Move naturally with the skin.
  •  Very effective even when used in and around water.


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