Accu-Cast #570-PGV


Alginate Impression Material, Various Sizes.

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570-PGV alginate has been recently reformulated to lose water MUCH slower than in the past. This new technology makes it possible to wait up to one hour to pour your casting. This is really big news for alginates.

570-PGV Alginate also mixes much smoother and more pourable. 570-PGV flows smoothly around the hand and captures incredible detail. You really should give it a try.

570-PGV alginate is our slowest setting “bucket mold” alginate designed for larger hand casting jobs or for novice lifecasters who just need a little more time. This is the alginate that we include in our Adult Hand Casting Kit. Great mixing, working and setting properties as well as wonderful detail in the mold make this ideal for hand casting.

We’ve done a single casting with as many as 12 hands in it at once with 570-PGV alginate.

Similar to our 390-S2, but with a longer setting time for larger projects (multiple hand castings) or for beginners who just need a little more time.

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