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BlissLights Spright laser light projector choose either Green or Blue is perfect for creating a fire fly effect on your landscape. Set up a holiday lighting display in minutes that will wow your neighbours!  Ideal for your landscape, special occasion or party, and is great for holiday lighting, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The BlissLights Spright “Original Metal Version” is energy efficient and weather resistant.

Create a unique lighting experience indoors and outdoors. That is the magic that comes from a BlissLights Spright! Set up takes only minutes, simply position your BlissLights Spright laser light and plug in!  BlissLights Spright is great for indoors or outdoors!  Transform your pool, snow, house, landscape or any other surface with thousands of pin-points of laser lights for year round use. Made of strong and durable aluminum zinc alloy construction that is powder coated to withstand the elements.  Green lasers are the brightest.  Dark surroundings and light surfaces work best for all projectors and especially for less visible red or blue lasers.


  • Mounting Stake
  • Transformer
  • Get a free timer WHILE supplies last.

The Spright’s Green Firefly Effect – This laser color looks great on plants, gardens, and any outdoor space. It appears the most crisp to the eye, and is a great color for 1st time BlissLights customers. You can use it indoors and outdoors to transform any event, Holiday, or moment with the magic of fireflies.

The Spright’s Blue Firefly Effect – This laser color looks great in any outdoor space like the green laser. The magic of the blue laser looks amazing on walls, snow, and any water fixture.  You can use it indoors and outdoors to transform any event, Holiday, or moment with a blue starry-night feel.

  • Laser Classification: Class 2
  • Maximum Power Output: Less than 1mw
  • Color: 532nm Green, 660nm Red, 455nm Blue
  • Power Consumption: maximum 8 watts
  • Power input: 110V AC(with included transformer)
  • 12 volt AC output with unnotched low voltage connector compatible with low voltage wiring systems.
  • Operating temp: -15ºF to 90ºF
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Projection coverage: 160 dgree spread
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Original Patented Design and Metal construction, assembled in the USA
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty provided by BlissLights, from receipt of product


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