Clarity Defog It Kit


w/Microfiber Cloth
5 mL

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Clarity Defog It anti-fog is for dependable, long-lasting clear vision for work, play and everyday. In lab tests, treated lenses didn’t fog after being held over hot steam for 60 minutes, or moved between hot and cold environments 100 times.

  • Safe and effective on all lens types and coatings, including anti-reflective lenses.
  • Single application cleans and stops fog
  • Cleaner and anti-fog treatment in one step
  • One application lasts up to all day
  • Goes on clear, no haze
  • Includes mL bottle and microfiber cloth

You come in from the cold, your glasses fog up. You open the oven, more fog. Youre working in your shop or the yard, youre safely glasses fog up. Hot shower? More fog.

Clarity Defog It™ antifog treatment is the defogger that’s totally safe and effective for all eyewear and optics – even cameras and binoculars.



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