Cloth Gaff /Camera 1″


Cloth Tape
50yds & 60yds
Various Colours



Various Colours. Cloth Gaffer Tape is a high strength vinyl coated cloth tape with a matte finish. It has a high performance adhesive system and is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Our Gaff tape is also waterproof, abrasion resistant, has a smooth, controlled unwind, and is hand-tearable. Engineered for demanding applications such as wire and carpet hold down, gaffing lights, spiking, color coding, marking boxes, stage and set decoration, splicing floors and bundling wires. Our Gaffers Tape is water and temperature resistant, removes cleanly from most surfaces, and resists tears and punctures

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Fl Pink X 50yds, Yellow X 60yds, Fl Green X 50yds, Fl Orange X 50yds, White X 60yds, Teal X 50yds, Red X 60yds, Purple Cloth X 50yds, Olive Drab X 60yds, Navy Blue X 50yds, Lt Green X 60yds, Lt Blue X 60yds, Grey X 50yds, Dark Green X 50yds, Electric Blue X 60yds, Burgundy X 60yds, Brown X 60yds, Black X 60yds, Fl Yellow X 50yds


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