EZ Clean Solution


Ultratec EZ Kleen is used as a preventative maintenance measure to ensure longer heat exchanger life. It is easy to use and should be used on a regular basis to prevent blockage of your heat exchanger that frequently happens to fog and haze machines.

**NOTE: Not for use with Neutron Haze Machine.

4L only.

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Why Do I Need EZ Kleen?

  • EZ Kleen is essential for regular maintenance
  • The most common repair issue with Fog/Haze Machines is lack of care
  • Most people use a mix of water and vinegar which not only doesn’t work well but more importantly is traceable and usually voids warranty repairs!
  • NEVER leave fog/haze fluid in the machine
  • Protect your investment, use EZ Kleen

Operating Instructions and Tips:

  • Run EZ Kleen through machine after 8-12 hours of operation for 5-6 minutes
  • And then use any Ultratec for 2 minutes


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