Flicker Candle – Rosco


The Self Contained Candle comes complete with a candle tip, a realistic stem with dripping wax look, an on-off switch, and connection for a 9 Volt battery. This complete style is ideal for productions where the performers need to carry a candle from place to place or when the candle needs to be turned on and off during a performance. Battery Operated.



Rosco Flicker Candles have long been the safe realistic alternative to on-stage flame. Rosco Flicker Candles are the most realistic non-flame candles you and your audience have ever seen. They look and act just like real candles. They are virtually indistinguishable from real candles, right down to the dripping wax on shaft of the unit. Most importantly, they are powered electrically, so they don’t present the potential hazards of using live flames. A simple 9 volt AC adaptor allows you to raise or lower the dimming level on the Flicker Candle.To create the random flickering effect of a real flame candle, the realistic tip on the Candles have two LED’s inside of them that turn on and off.

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Wired/ Self-contained

Wired, Self-contained


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