Flocking is used to add ‘color’ to silicone, gelatin and other translucent materials. Various Sizes and Colours.


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Color and Size

White, 2oz, Silver Grey, 2oz, Bright Red, 2oz, Rust Brown, 2oz, Gold, 2oz, Cream, 2oz, Charcoal Grey, 2oz, Cardinal, 2oz, Brown, 2oz, Blue, 2oz, Black, 2oz, Light Buff, 2oz, Light Buff, 1lb, Black, 1lb, Blue, 1lb, Brown, 1lb, Cardinal, 1lb, Charcoal Grey, 1lb, Cream, 1lb, Gold, 1lb, Rust Brown, 1lb, Bright Red, 1lb, Silver Grey, 1lb, White, 1lb, Canary Yellow, 2oz, Kelly Green, 2oz, Medium Yellow, 2oz, Navy Blue, 2oz, Royal Purple, 2oz, Canary Yellow, 1lb, Kelly Green, 1lb, Medium Yellow, 1lb, Navy Blue, 1lb, Royal Purple, 1lb


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