GAM WindowGrip Tape Roll


25 ft. Roll



GAM WindowGrip Tape Full CTO 25 ft. Roll is also known as Rocket Tape. Why? Because it is quick and easy to use when gelling small windows or large windows over 48″ wide. Get wrinkle free results in faster time.

Grips will love using WindowGrip for controlling color temperature and reducing exterior light. Apply with squeegee and water mist for semi-permanent installation from 1 day to 1 month or even a year. The GAM WindowGrip is the fastest and easiest way to gel windows for a professional look. Featuring a low tack adhesive for a clean, beautiful gel job. No tedious taping required. Measure, cut, stick, smooth, trim, that’s it! No bubbles or wrinkles.

The adhesive is optically clear, perfect for film, video and photo shoots. Is the exterior lighting constantly changing on your shoot? A second layer of standard GAM Cinefilters can be added to the WindowGrip to correct for changing light conditions. Simply wipe Window Grip with a smooth cloth and static clean will hold the additional CineFilter in place. WindowGrip is just as easy to remove, just peel it off. A semi-permanent answer to color correction and light reduction. Even use it on car windows!

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