GOES Non-Indexing TwinSpin



GOES Non-Indexing TwinSpin™ shall be designed and manufactured to mount in the optical gate of the GOES outdoor light fixture. Metal frame shall be made from 0.167 inch (.424 cm.) thick cold rolled steel. TwinSpin™ shall position two patterns in the optical gate of the fixture and be able to rotate them in opposite directions. Used with appropriate power supply, the unit may be controlled and programmed from a DMX signal or set to preprogrammed sequences.

  • Rotates glass or metal gobo patterns in opposite directions
  • Ideal for any applications where consistent performance over prolonged periods is required
  • Variable speed motor drive can be controlled and programmed by DMX signal or set to preprogrammed settings
  • Select from GAM’S large collection of ‘B’ size patterns or custom designs, glass or metal.

GOES Non-Indexing TwinSpin™ shall be secured to its mounting by two captive SouthCo spring loaded nuts. Stepping motor will drive two high temperature Teflon® belts so arranged as to drive the pattern rings in opposite directions. High temperature drive belts shall be guided by Teflon® rollers to insure quiet and smooth operation. An optical sensor shall be mounted in the front plate of the metal framework above the motor (NEMA type 23) for precision positioning of the rotation. Motor and optical system shall be driven by separate power supply (required – see separate specifications).

The overall dimensions of the GOES Non-Indexing TwinSpin™ shall be 4-1/2 inches (11.43 cm.) wide by 9 inches (22.86 cm.) long by 2-7/16 inches (6.19 cm.) deep. The weight of this unit with connectors shall be 1.24 lbs.(0.56 kgs.). Finish is powder coated black. Connected to this motor is a flexible 8-wire control and power cable measuring 24 inches (61 cm.) long, terminating in two Melmex four-pin connectors, and sleeved in a high temperature fiberglass protective jacket.


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