Grease Palette – Jordane


Jordan Grease Palette is presented in two different palettes:

  • Grease Palette Flesh Tone: Highly used in theatre and film to create character and not limited to ageing, ethnic groups and skin toning. Flesh Tone colours spectrum of warming and cooling adjusters are ideal for skin tone matching, also ideal for light to heavy bruising, add more depth to your gun shot wound and or laceration. Flesh tone grease palette can be used in combination and not limited to latex and faux flesh. Application with brush and or sponge for best results.
  • Grease Palette Primary Plus is great for that Make-up artist enthusiast, perfect for all basic to advance make-up creations. The pallet supplies primary, secondary, Black and White, Brown and a Flesh tone. This pallet is designed to allow the make-up artist to create a variation of designs perfect for theatre, film, Halloween, fantasy and character. The primary colours allow you to mix and create varies shades to apply with ease, your creation is only limited by your imagination. Grease Primary Plus Pallet includes Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Cucumber, Violet, Dark Brown, Nude Tone.

10  Colours

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