Mag-Lite White Star Krypton Bulbs


Maglite White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. Mag Instrument is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity. They seek performance and a reputation reflecting the very best we can achieve. Each Mag Instrument flashlight represents a culmination of more than 2 years of research, development and continuous state-of-the-art refinement in every precision feature. Original equipment White Star Krypton lamps for 4 C-cell or D-cell lights with alkaline batteries only. 2 lamps per card. Maglite LWSA401 4 Cell White Star Krypton C or D.

Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk.

Features: ‘ White Star Krypton Lamps for 4 C-Cell or D-Cell Lamps ‘ With Alkaline Batteries ONLY ‘ 2 Lamps per card.

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