CITC Maniac II RGBA Moving-Head Fog Machine


The Maniac II™ moving-head fog machine with 24 RGBA LEDs was designed for creative stage lighting designers wanting a unique, spectacular stage effect – it’s fast, it’s vibrant, and it’s powerful!

This LED fog machine is used best in Musical Performances, Nightclubs and Bars, Stadiums, and Arenas. When used with our quick dissipating 15-second fog, the Maniac creates a colorful, safe alternative to pyro effects.

Although it was designed for use with a DMX controller, the Maniac II can also operate as a stand-alone unit with the optional controller (meaning it does not need to be connected to DMX).

The Maniac II has 24 LED lights as well as quick disconnects for the fluid tubing.

Do you want to try the machine first? You can rent it from us!