Alumilite Mold Putty


Alumilite Mold Putty
Various Sizes
5 Minute



Five Minute Molding Putty is a silicone that allows quick and easy moldmaking with no need for a mold box. Within minutes you can make a mold and cast your reproduction. The Five Minute Mold Putty complies with FDA statndards and can be used with food grade applications. This is a great product for making that ‘one off’ needed piece or quick impression mold.
  • Alumilite’s 5 Minute Mold Putty allows you to make quick impressions without a mold box, in just 5 minutes.
  • It is safe to use and complies with FDA standards for food contact.

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1lb Kit, 2lb Kit, 5lb Kit, 20lb Kit, 1lb Purple Kit, 3lb Kit


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