Nochar Thermal Barrier Paste


Nochar’s P-215 Thermal Barrier Paste is a favorite of Hollywood stunt men and special effects groups when filming live fire scenes. P-215 is applied to under layers of clothing and exposed skin to protect stunt men from extreme heat and flame damage during live body burns.


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  • Plumbers, welders, or anyone using a torch can use Nochar’s P215 Thermal Barrier Paste.
  • Nochar’s P215 will minimize direct or radiant heat transfer from a torch to adjoining surfaces.
  • P215 is a polymer based thermal barrier paste designed to slow the transfer of heat through substrates, such as metal. Conversely, P215 will minimize products or items meant to stay cool from adjoining heat impingement.
  • P215 is intended to be used on heat conductive surfaces and should not be placed onto
    skin or clothing for use with an open flame, except by trained professionals.

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