PanoCast 160


Increase the size of your casting by 160% Using this specially formulated urethane. Submerge the casting in water and it magically increases uniformly in size.

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PanoCast 160 is the brand new casting/molding material the everyone is talking about.   It lets you increase any lifecasting or sculpture to any size without sculpting,  pantograph or expensive computer aided machinery
PanoCast 160 captures the exact detail as you scale up every time! Imagine the time and labor savings!
This amazing urethane based formula breakthrough allows you to increase size by 160% at a time. Greater sizes are achieved by creating a second mother mold and recasting with PanoCast 160.

How it Works. Create a mold of a subject of your choice. Mix 1 part A to 1 part B. You have a working time of 10-minutes. Pour PanoCast 160 into your mold  or slush cast. Cure twenty-four to thirty-six hours. (PanoCast 160 will cure to a 45 Shore A.)

Free your casting from the mold and submerge in water. Within days PanoCast 160 grows to up 160 percent of its original size. After soaking in water for 14 days @ 72° F PanoCast 160 will have a hardness rating of Shore 35 A.

By making successive molds from larger PanoCast 160 castings, very large reproductions can be made without sculpting. When PanoCast 160 is finished growing, a new master mold of the expanded shape can be made from plaster or urethane.

Ideal thickness of the PanoCast 160 cast is 2 1/2 inches or less so that water can be properly absorbed. It may be necessary to make holes in  thicker parts of your casting to allow water access to the PanoCast 160. The holes may then be repaired in the final casting.

The size of the finished casting is limited only to the size of the vessel holding the water for the PanoCast 160.


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