Snow Base


Artificial snow of “Snow-Base” : Cellulose (paper snow) – today the main material used for dressing. It is made of specially processed and purified cellulose. Snow-white.

Artificial snow of “Snow-Base” is applied generally on open space to general plans, filling of big spaces. It is ideal for imitation of the dropped-out snow, creating effect of a deep heavy cover. It can be used in need of imitation of traces of transport, traces of the person, for imitation of the atmosphere of game in snowballs. Allows to try to obtain the most different effects – from a realistic snow landscape till fantastic, fantastic winter.

It can be applied on objects, being moistened with water, by means of the special equipment.

Packing of 10 kg is enough for a cover covering 10 sq.ft. high in  1/2″ depth.

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