Studio Series


Various types.



Handcrafted of the finest materials Studio Series brushes continue to be a makeup artists’ first choice for quality and durability. Studio brushes will help you acheive a perfect and flawless application time after time.

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Large Angular Blender, Bent Liner, Stiff Brow, Chisel Mini Smudger, Detail Mini Chisel Fluff, Deluxe Foundation, Deluxe Crease, Taklon Camouflage Oval #6, Taklon Camouflage Oval #2, Taklon Camouflage Oval, Jumbo Flat Sponge, Taklon Angle Liner – 1/8", Taklon Angle Liner – 1/4", Taklon Angle Liner – 1/2", Smudger – Oval Fluff Duet, Crescent Deluxe Fluff, Square Taklon Camo #6, Square Taklon Camo #4, Square Taklon Camo – 3/4", Square Taklon Camo – 1/2", Deluxe Round Contour Crease, Red Sable Shadow, Flocked Sponge, Taklon Square Camouflage, Flat Bronzer, Taklon Liner – Mini, Taklon Liner – 1/16", Taklon Liner, Chisel Deluxe Dome Brush, Small Chisel Fluff


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