Traffic Wand


The Pelican™ 8052 Traffic Wand is designed for the Pelican™ 2000 Super SabreLite Flashlight, the Pelican™ M8 Alkaline 3C Flashlight, the Pelican M10 Flashlight and the Pelican™ M11 Flashlight, and quickly converts your flashlight into an effective and highly visible traffic wand. 

Available in either yellow or orange, the Pelican™ 8052 Traffic Wand converts your flashlight’s white beam into a bright traffic wand with no complicated installation – just slip the wand onto the end of your Pelican flashlight when necessary, or remove it when you need your flashlight’s white beam again.

Fits Pelican™ Flashlights:
SabreLite 2000
SabreLite 2000PLC
M10 8040
M11 8050
8060 LED Rechargeable

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