Aquacolor Wet Makeup (2.5oz)


Various Colours

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Aquacolor is primarily applied as a make-up for painting face and body. Is extensively smudge-proof and can be removed with soap and water.

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Mandarin, 276 Purple, 4W Flesh Tone, R19 Peach, 817 Terracota, 523 Pastel Yellow, 482 Lilac, 092 Light Green, 32B Light Grey, 032 Burnt Orange, G108 Mauve, Gold, Copper, 6W Chinese, 545 Midnite Blue, 512 Forest Green, 510 True Blue, 509 True Yellow, 046 Dark Brown, 091 Royal Blue, 079 Poppy Red, 071 Black, 070 White, Strauss Wine, V21, V19 Rich Sable, F8, F11, F1, 5W Sandy Brown, 3W Pink Taupe, 142, Pink, Reddish, Light Brown, Light Grey, 073 Grey, 081 Red, 083 Red, 089 Grey, Teal, Green, Purple, St Chocolate, Turquoise, Bright Orange, 2W, Marigold, Flesh Color, Brown, #483, 517 Grey, Tan, #522, 549 Blue, G82 Blue, Jade, Lake Altrot, Natural, Fuschia, Purple, TK2


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