Rental Equipment

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Antari S500 Silent Snow Machine


Green Screen Suit

Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Some of the Items Available in our Rentals Department Include:

• Fog machines (indoor and outdoor)

• Haze machines

• SPFX fans

• Spotlights

• Snow machines

• Christmas Decorations, Lights, Trees, Garlands, Wreaths, Wrapped presents etc.

• Faux snow, Faux eart (grass mats, rocks, trees, etc.)

• Hot water heaters

• Water tanks

• Extension cords/Cable mats

• Moving containers

• Stunt mats

• Locations equipment (brooms, garbage bins, shovels, rakes, shelving, wheelbarrows, vacuum, etc.)

• Greenscreen

• Dozens of custom fixtures and effects

and so much more!