HollyNorth updates to share with you!

Earlier we announced that we have dumped the plastic and switched to Recycled Brown Bags. We also have our own Reusable Bags. It’s great to see that you love them too!

HollyNorth Recycled and Reusable Bags BBOT Pledge for a Sustainable Community

How is it going with our Rental Project?

We have been working hard to add a larger portion of our rental equipment and machines on our website.

Take a look at our adjusted catalog of things you need on the Special Effects Machines and Equipment Rentals page.

Snow and Ice All in One Place

For Artificial Snow and Ice projects, we have gathered everything you may need for winter special effects in one place. Finding the supplies you need to get the job done faster has become easier than ever before!

Super Extra Dry Little Blizzard Fluid

Snow Blanket Roll

Snow Business Polymer Snow

Powder Snow

Ice Polymer

SnowCel Chemical Free



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