1″ x 15′ 3M 3000x Very High Gain Reflective Tape


1″ x 15 feet of 3M® Scotchlite™ Very High Gain Reflective Tape 3000X

3M® 3000X very high gain reflective sheeting (tape) is specifically designed to enhance the reflected signal of polarized, laser, and infrared controllers and photoelectric sensors.

This very high intensity reflective sheeting uses micro-cube cornering technology to provide longer signal distances and improved readability for sensors at angles as wide as 30° from signal direction.

Scotchlite™ 3000X very high gain reflective tape has a smooth surface that can easily be cleaned, and an aggressive adhesive which enables it to adhere to almost any relatively non-porous weather resistant surface.

The tape is 15 mils in thickness and fairly stiff, but is easy to handle and apply, and can be hand or die-cut to fit many applications.