Coloured Stage Gerb


The first number shows the burn time (in seconds) and the second number shows the height (in feet).

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Controlled Plumes of fuzzy coloured sparks for a specified duration and height with a full spectrum of coloured flares at the base of the effect.

The height of a gerb is defined as the height to the top of the main plume, some sparks will go higher.


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Yellow/Gold 10"x 20, Yellow/Silver 10"x 8, Orange/Silver 10"x 8, Yellow/Silver 10"x 12, Green/Silver 18"x 15, Red/Silver 3"x 10, Red/Silver 5"x12, Red/Silver 15"x 6, Orange/Silver 10"x 12, Green/Silver 3"x 10, Green/Silver 1/2"x 20, Green/Silver 15"x 6, Orange/Silver 15"x 8, Yellow/Silver 8"x 8


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