Alchemy Palette Liquids – Skin Illustrator


Alchemy Palette Liquids are a collection of the airbrush ready colours within the Alchemy Palette  A first in a series of speciality colours, this palette of bright metallic colours was designed to simulate precious liquid metals.

The colours are safe for use on the lips, skin, hair and around the eyes.  The colours can be used with PAX, rubber mask grease, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances. The Alchemy palette and liquids are ideal for beauty, avant garde, fantasy and special effects make-up. Colours can be mixed to create your own unique metallic colours. The liquids allow the artist to airbrush a wide range from a light subtle shimmer to sparkling metallic opaque colour to skin or hair.


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Cobalt Blue 2oz, Cobalt Blue 4oz, Chromed Fuschia 2oz, Copper 2oz, Gold Bullion 2oz, Iridium Green 2oz, Iron Red 2oz, Mayan Gold 2oz, Sterling 2oz, Sterling 4oz, Talos Bronze 2oz


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