Antari ICE-100 Low Lying Fog Machine – Rental


Antari ICE-101 Ice Fog Machine produces beautiful floor-hugging dry ice fog effect (also known as low lying fog) by simply adding regular ice cubes! Without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by dry ice’s heavily CO2 smoke, this ice fog machine is expected to be environmentally friendly.

A high power 1000W fog machine inside creates amounts of fog which is chilled to create a low lying fog effect. This machine is very popular among Film, TV, Video and Event productions!

Available for rental!


Contact us at or call (604) 299-2000 or visit our store in Burnaby.

We’ll provide you with a quote. Our rental pricing is structured on a daily basis, with a weekly rate equivalent to 3 days.

Our machines come with fluids when you rent them, and you only pay for the amount you actually use.


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