B Size Gobo


Letter Size: B
OD: 64.5mm
IA: 64.5mm
Comments: Industry standard size for ellipsoidals

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Catalog of gobo templates, including Steel patterns engineered by lighting designers, Effects Glass gobos to add dimensionality and color, and custom options for any event or production.


What is a Gobo?

The term “Gobo” comes from the motion picture industry where a gobo was, and still is, a pattern or design cut out from a large plywood panel perhaps 4 feet x 4 feet, usually mounted on a stand and placed between a fresnel lense spotlight and the actor or scenery on which you wish to project the shadowed pattern. The origins of the term are basically unknown but one seemingly good guess is that it was short for “Goes between the light and the object”, hence Gobo. With the introduction of GAM Patterns an off-the-shelf collection of designs that could be easily mounted into an ellipsoidal spotlight, the term “Gobo” was adopted by the theatrical lighting industry. The modern gobo design is chemically etched in stainless steel. It can also be made on glass. The GAM gobo pattern collection is chemically milled in six thousands of an inch stainless steel (6 mil). Stainless steel is used because it can hold up to high temperatures at the image point and chemically etched for detailed clean precise lines.

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#77211 Abstract Blades, #77622 Jail Bars Shadow, #77730 Palm, #77731 Jungle Leaf, #77806 Leaf Breakup, #78227 Broken Weave


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