Ben Nye Effects Gels


Ben Nye’s Effects Gels create blisters, lacerations, scars and more. Once set will not transfer or smear!

Blood Effects Gel is a special effects grade gelatin with deep red pigmentation that allows artists to create 3D blood effects that solidify and hold their shape. The Blood Effects Gel can be formed directly on the skin, or on a metal palette prior to application.

Flesh Effects Gel features special effects grade gelatin based sculpting material that allows artists to create 3-D effects on the surface of the skin. Fashion cuts, burns, and abrasions with this durable and transfer-proof gelatin material.

Scar Effects Gel comes in an opaque flesh tone that allows artists to create raised 3-D scar, cuts, and character details on the surface of the skin. Once warmed to a liquid state, the gels turn into a versatile liquid that solidifies after cooling.

These gelatin-based special effects gels are an essential part of any Theatrical, or Special Effects Artist’s makeup kit.

29 ml./1oz. or 59 ml./2oz.