BlissLight Garden Accent Light


Live life through colour with the BlissLights Garden Accent Light. Enjoy a combination of 16 different LED colours and features such as fade, flash, strobe, and fix that gives a new spin to the traditional garden light.

The low voltage multi-coloured accent light has a higher standard than other flood lights on the market and comes with a custom diffuser that spreads the light evenly to make any display or flower bed pop! Rain, snow, or shine – the BlissLights Garden Accent Light is made out of metal and is made to last to withstand the elements.

1) Multi-Colored LED – 16 colours LED built-in with features such as fade, flash, strobe, and fixed.
2) Custom Diffuser –The custom diffuser glass is designed to give an even and greater coverage.
3) Low Voltage – The low voltage accent light provides quality while being energy efficient.