CITC 2″ x 24″ Air Cannon Confetti Launcher


CITC Air Cannon Confetti Launcher is used widely in the entertainment industry! Great for big venues or outdoor use (concerts etc.)

It fires as soon as it’s connected to a power source. Simply plug in, or use a momentary switch to save pressure for an additional shot before refilling. You can fit 3 speed load sleeves at a time in the barrel, or just fill it with bulk confetti or streamers. Use caps and foam pushers for extra distance. The included 7-gallon air tank must be filled from a compressor.

It features a built-in safety release, two types of filling valves, a pressure gauge, and an electric release solenoid valve (3/4″ high volume type).

No CO2 required.

Also available for rentals! To arrange a rental, please contact us at [email protected] or call (604) 299-2000 or visit our store.

Available on backorder