Confetti Air Cannon


The Confetti Air Cannon is top of the line! It’s ideal for big venues or outdoor use! At max capacity shoots up to 40-50 feet.

The 3 gallon air tank must be filled from an air compressor. Features a built-in safety release, two types of filling valves, a pressure gauge and an electric release solenoid valve (1/2″ high volume type). Cannon fires as soon as it is plugged in, or if connected to an electrical switch box, as soon as it is switched on. Use of a momentary switch recommended. If you use a regular switch or simply plug it into the wall, you’ll release all of the pressure in the tank. (With a momentary, you may get two shots out of the air tank before refilling).

Also available for rentals. To arrange a rental please contact us at or call (604) 299-2000 or visit our store.

Available on backorder

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