Dark Flesh Tone Palette Liquids – Skin Illustrator


The third addition to the Skin Illustrator colour system is the Dark Flesh Tone Palette . Designed as the follow-up to the original Flesh Tone Palette, the Dark colours complete the entire range of flesh tones.

When combined with the FX and light Flesh Tone colours, the Dark Flesh Tone colours will allow the artist to duplicate virtually any skin tone, no matter how light or dark.


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Bamboo#1. 2oz, Bamboo#1. 4oz, Bamboo#2. 2oz, Bamboo#2. 4oz, Burnt Sienna 2oz, Burnt Sienna 4oz, Burnt Sienna 8oz, Chocolate 2oz, Coral Blue 2oz, Espresso#1. 2oz, Espresso#1. 4oz, Espresso#2. 2oz, Espresso#2. 4oz, Golden Ochre 2oz, Golden Ochre 4oz, Midnight Brown 2oz, Red Oxide 2oz, Red Oxide 4oz


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