MOOVIT Hi-Performance Penetrating Lubricant



  • Fast, long lasting lubrication (lasts in excess of 1 year without evaporation). Superior performance (100% active ingredients – use less – better value). Environmentally friendly. Non-flammable as a liquid. Inverted spray valve (360°). Displaces moisture. Ensures smooth operation of machinery and fine mechanisms. User friendly, solvent-free. Compatible with all metals, alloys, plastic and rubber. Save time and money with the original MOOVIT Hi-Performance Penetrating Lubricant formulation since 1919. No mechanic’s tool chest is complete without MOOVIT. “Muscles In Every Can”.


  • One product – 1000’s of uses. MOOVIT Hi-Performance Penetrating Lubricant’s many uses include bearing and shaft lubricant, unseizing seized motors, threading and tapping oil, air tool lubricant, tire mounting, etc.


  • Weight (lbs): 1.2
  • Package (L x W x H): 2.6 x 2.6 x 7.8 in.
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