1/2″ 3 ton CM Anchor Shackle


CM Super Strong shackles, with the lower hardness values, will consistently pull more than a competitor’s carbon shackles of the same diameter. CM Super Strong Shackles were designed to improve overall load strength and ductility without an increase in shackle diameter.


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5/16" Snap Link Spring C/W Grom, 3/8" Snap Links, 1/4" Snap Link, 3/8" Crosby Wire Rope Clips, 3/16" Crosby Wire Rope Clips, 1/8" Crosby Wire Rope Clips, 3/8 Quick Link, 1/4" Quick Link Zinc Plated, 3/4 ton CM ANCHOR SHACKLE, 1/2" 3 ton CM Anchor Shackle


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