Rosco E-Colour+ Sheet


E-Colour+ is Rosco’s comprehensive system of color filters for theatre, live-events, and film and television production.

Featuring a popular European name and numbering system, E-Colour+ includes a complete range of filters and materials for color correction, color effects, diffusion and reflection. They are manufactured with the latest dye formulations and bonding technology to assure the highest levels of reliability and performance.

21″ x 24″ Sheet



Base:                                      Polyester (PET)

Gauge:                                   3.0 mil (.003″ or 75 micron) nominal

Max Width:                             48 in (1.2m)

Flame Retardant Rating:        BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance:                           RoHS, REACH

Temp:                                     Softening: 257°F (125° C)

Melting:  572°F (300° C)

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#02 Rose Pink, #03 Lavender Tint, #10 Medium Yellow, #101 Yellow, #103 Straw, #119 Dark Blue, #21 Gold Amber, #213 White Flame Green, #24 Scarlet, #27 Medium Red, #35 Light Pink, #58 Lavender, #79 Just Blue, #85 Deeper Blue


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