RoscoLux CineGel Sheet


Roscolux is widely recognized as the most versatile range of color, correction and diffusion filters for entertainment lighting. Originally introduced in the United States, it is now available all around the globe.

Roscolux is comprised of two types of body-colored plastic filters; extruded polycarbonate and deep dyed polyester, both of which provide superior consistency and durability when installed in front of hot theatrical and film/TV fixtures.

20″ x 24″ Sheet.



Cinegel color and correction filters are manufactured using Rosco’s unique deep-dyed technique. This process begins with a 48” (1.2m) wide roll of clear PET polyester that is passed through a heated dye bath. The bath causes the film to swell, expanding the polymer structure and allowing the dye molecules to penetrate into the base film. As the polymer contracts to its normal form, the dye is trapped below the surface.

Deep-Dyed Polyester:

Base: Polyester (PET)

Gauge: 1.4-2.5 mil (35-64 um) nominal

Max Width: 48 in (1.2m)

Flame Retardant Rating:BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance:       RoHS, REACH

Temp:               Softening: 257°F (125° C)

Melting:  572°F (300° C)

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#3204 Half Blue CTB, #3313 Tough 1/2 Minusgreen, #3314 Tough 1/4 Minusgreen, #08 Pale Gold, #105 Tough Spun, #112 Opal Tough Frost, #12 Straw, #23 Orange, #26 Light Red, #33 No Colour Pink, #382 Congo Blue, #44 Middle Rose, #51 Surprise Pink, #65 Daylight Blue, #80 Primary Blue, #83 Double Blue, #89 Moss Green, #91 Primary Green, #92 Turquoise, #93 Blue Green, #2001 VS Red


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