DSC Labs – Billups VF/X Chart


The Billups VF/X provides a range of valuable color, lighting and VF/X specific tools for camera correction, matching and post production visual effects work.

It’s available in size of Senior 24 x 14.7″


In addition to the ChromaDuMonde colors and grayscales, Billups VF/X features:

  • Grayscale and sky-blue ramps-identify banding introduced in image processing
  • Digital Green and Blue – special effects chips from Composite Components plus Rosco’s Chroma Key Green and Blue
  • High Chroma slashes – very useful for checking and tracking chroma aliasing through post
  • Data information panel – including nodal to chart distance
  • Inch and centimeter scales – which, along with Nodal to chart distance, enable simple calculation of camera viewing angle
  • Reflectance spheres – Black sphere not only shows the number, position and type of lighting (spot or flood), but also the hue or color filtration of individual lights.  The white sphere shows the integrated level and color temperature
  • Black Background – provides cleaner histograms



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