Flesh Tone Palette Liquids – Skin Illustrator




The colors available in the Flesh Tone Palette system range from the palest of pink tones to the deepest rich yellow tones.

The system contains skin tone colors with warming/cooling adjusters that are ideal for fine tuning a skin tone mix that’s a perfect match, or for creating a subtle bruising for close camera work

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Cedar Brown 2oz, Coral Adjuster 2oz, Coral Adjuster 4oz, Lao#1. 2oz, Lao#2. 2oz, Lao#1. 4oz, Lao#2. 4oz, Natural#1 2oz, Natural#2. 2oz, Natural#1. 4oz, Natural#2. 4oz, Olive Adjuster#2. 2oz, Olive Adjuster#2. 4oz, Rice Paper 2oz, Rice Paper 4oz, Rose Adjuster#2. 2oz, Rose Adjuster#2. 4oz, Vein Tone 2oz, Vein Tone 4oz


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