Skin Illustrator – On Set Dark Flesh Tone Palette


Skin Illustrator Dark Flesh Tone On Set Palette is a mini version of the classic full size Skin Illustrator Dark Flesh Tone Palette.

This palette has become an industry standard! This compact, pocket size palette contains the full ten colours of the larger Dark Flesh Tone palette, but also an additional Rice Paper and a Vein Tone for that extra bit of colour needed to make touch ups fast and easy. Use it alone, or in combination with other On Set Palettes.

These alcohol activated colours can easily be applied with a brush or mascara wand (palette cells may be too small to apply color with a sponge). Use it alone, or mix the colours with any of the other Skin Illustrator tones to create your own unique blend of colour.

The palette is a must for any special effects makeup artist!

Great movie makeup product!