Staedtler Markers (Permanent)


  • Design awarded universal pen for use on overhead film and almost all surfaces; S and M also suitable for use on CDs/DVDs
  • DRY SAFE: The pen can be left uncapped for days without drying up (test ISO 554)
  • Airplane-safe: An automatic pressure equalization prevents the pen from leaking on board aircraft

  • Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces
  • Dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users
  • Permanent, low-odour ink
  • Various colours
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STD90894 Green "F", STD90891 Red "F", STD90889 Black "M", STD90887 Purple "M", STD90884 Blue "M", STD90883 Red "M", STD90857 Black "S", STD90854 Green "S", STD90852 Blue "S", STD90851 Red "S", STD90897 Black "F", Blue "F", Purple "F"


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