Wizard 50G3 Firing System


The Wizard 50G3 (Generation Three) mini-blasting machine is a capacitor discharge machine, the most reliable type of firing system available. The mini-blaster generates and stores a large electrical charge and is supplied by a single 3-volt lithium battery. This stored power is discharged to the firing system

The Wizard 50G3 has been tested by firing over 50 electric blasts in series on one mile of military communications wire. The addition of the built-in continuity light to the “Wizard 50G3” provides the assurance of a continuous circuit.

The Wizard 50G3 is the smallest, most powerful, and feature-filled blasting machine in its price range.

•Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand
•Easy to use wire terminals for quick wire attachment
•Longer battery life with a large CR123A 3-volt battery (in a separate compartment from the electronic components)
•Stainless steel spring-loaded contacts
•Built-in continuity LED red light with all the features of the Wizard DSL (Demolition Safety Light); the red LED indicates a complete circuit.
•Waterproof Mil-Spec switches
•Shunt circuit
•The CHARGE switch is held down until the yellow READY light is on (less than 10 seconds).
•Yellow ready light is visible in bright sunlight
•Both CHARGE and FIRE switches must be depressed to fire blasting machine.
•Power output of 300 VDC at 10 Joules
•Charging sequence can be stopped at any time by releasing the CHARGE button. The capacitor is instantly discharged, and power is removed from the circuit upon release. •Made in safety yellow; other colors available by request)
•One-year warranty