Must-have wardrobe & costume essentials and other items that every Film, TV & Theatre production’s costume department should have at their disposal in 2024!

Find a list of costume & wardrobe department supplies below!

Clothing Essentials

Ensure that actors’ costumes maintain their intended appearance with these essential clothing items!

Shoe & Foot Essentials

Essential shoe and foot supplies to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for your actors throughout the film production process.

Cleaning Essentials

To keep costume and wardrobe clean, fresh, and camera-ready!

Organizing & Storage Essentials

Storage and organizing essentials to enhance efficiency, maintain order, and ensure quick access to costumes and accessories.

Miscellaneous & Other Essentials

A few other items that can be useful to have in your on set costume & wardrobe kit.

We carry many other products that you might find useful (we also offer products for aging and distressing costumes & wardrobe), browse our shop or ask us!

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