A to Z Guide to Film Terms


The A to Z Guide to Film Terms is a comprehensive dictionary that contains photographs, illustrations and over 800 definitions of current terms and phrases used in film theory and film-making. Written by a film industry veteran of more than 20 years, the book has sold over 20,000 copies to film students, movie buffs and film industry professionals worldwide.

This book explains terms actually in use by film crews and contains many colourful real-life examples of being on-set, written from an insider’s perspective. There are also icons that link each definition to its department, allowing you to see at a glance which aspect of film-making it relates to. 

“Stand by, picture’s up! Cameras are rolling. Scene 24, take 2, A and B camera common mark…Speed! And…Action!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the movie industry? Do you watch the credits for a film and wonder what a grip or a gaffer is or what they do? Do you want to learn the behind-the-scenes lingo used by the cast and crew?

With the A to Z Guide to Film Terms book, you’re sure to be talking like Steven Spielberg in a hurry.

Learn strange-sounding terms and phrases such as:

“Gaffer” (the person in charge of the lighting and electrics crew) “Honeywagons” (the washroom trailers) 
“Jack Lord” (50mm lens)
“Magic Hour” (that golden time just before the sun sets)
“Martini Shot” (the last shot of the day)

.. and more

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